An Update on Pricing in 2022

Since the introduction of our protective cases last year, we have been blown away by the percentage of people who opted for them when checking out with our pins and for me, it's how I envisioned them being when the concept of Pin Box was first created. 

We want to simplify our pricing to make a better browsing experience for our website and for the ability to have more transparent marketing without there being a condition to a price. This is why going forward all of our pins will be a set price with no optional additions, they will ALL come in a protective case by default for no additional cost.

Standard Pins (With Protective Case): £11.99
XL Pins (With Protective Case): £19.99

This will also apply to the bundles that we sell. Protective cases will be included for those for no additional charge. A 10% discount is also available for our Falcom sets. 

Another area of growth for Pin Box has been through its T-Shirts. It has also been an area of growing costs which is why going forward the RRP of our T-Shirts will be changing:

T-Shirts: £19.99

Any currently in stock T-shirts will be at their current prices until sold out. Any re-stocks will be at the new RRP. 

While I appreciate no one likes prices going up, with the increased costs to manufacture it was quickly approaching a point where continuing to stock them wouldn't be feasible. And given the choice, I'd prefer to increase the RRP than have to source a lower quality shirt or have a lower quality print, as this has been something that the fanbase has loved about our T-Shirts. 

Thank you for everyone's support in 2021, we have much planned for 2022 and look forward to sharing more with you including some much desired reveals later this week!

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