Pin Box Versions

Since Pin Box began in 2020, we’ve always strived to make better products and, at times, have made drastic changes. We hope those who have followed us from the start have seen the improvements!

We’ve spent considerable time and money on research, development, tools and machines to allow us to constantly make the best product we can and the culmination of that since our beginning has resulted in significant changes from the products we’ve released in the past and the products we would put out today.

While improvement is always a good thing, it created a slight dilemma for us here at Pin Box.

If we were to restock an old design that we know we could do better today, would we be content in simply doing so?

The answer was a resounding NO, and Pin Box Versions was born.

Below is a FAQ for the burning questions you might have!

What are Pin Box Versions?

Pin Box Versions are pins that are getting a restock that we’ve made noticeable changes to.

How will I know what version a pin is?

Separate versions will have their individual product pages and will have their version in the title. The version will be on the box as well.

What changes can be made between versions?

In short, everything apart from the original artwork that the pin is based on. That includes the box!

How do I know what the changes are between versions?

Each new product page will detail the changes from the last pin in the description.

Will every pin get a new version?

No, this only applies to pins that are getting restocked, which we believe we could make noticeable improvements to.

I already have the original version. Can you send me the new one for free?